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When you sell your junk car for cash, you should sign over the Title (or pink slip) to the business to which you sell the car. That releases you from liability.

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Q: What do I do with my title when I sell my junk car for cash?
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Where can one sell junk cars for cash in Edmonton?

Edmonton, located in Alberta, Canada, has various companies that will purchase one's junk car for cash. Edmonton Junk Car Removal is one such company.

If your car is paid off can you turn in the title for cash?

You can sell it for cash if you have the title.

How do you Sell your Junk Cars for Cash with Free Towing?

usually you can sell to scrap/car junk yards $100 or more and they tow free

What services does Sell My Junk Car offer?

The services offered by Sell My Junk Car are that they will pay cash for one's junk car. They also will come and pick it up and tow it away. There's nothing better than cash on the spot and a company that will take it.

Can you sell your used car without a title to junk dealer in Rockford il?


What companies could one sell a junk car to?

There are a number of companies which accept junk cars in exchange for cash. The companies Pick-n-Pull and Junk Car Kings, for example, each offer this service.

What do you do with your car title if the car doesn't run anymore?

The title goes with the vehicle. Pass the title on to the new owner even if it is a junk yard.

Your father passed away and you have a title to a junk car What do you do?

If you have the car, sell it, keep it, or give it away. If you no longer have the car, contact your local DMV for advice.

How do you junk a car with a title?

The Owner simply signs the Title and gives it to the junk yard.

Where can one sell their junk car for cash?

You can sell it on Green Box Vehicle Recycling Company, they deal all kinds of junk and scrap cars and metals, please visit their website and contact them

Can you junk a car without the key or a tittle loan?

You cannot sell a car for salvage unless you have the title with you listed as the owner with no lean on the car. If there is a lien on the car you cannot sell it without having the lien removed.

How do you gain cash for used cars?

The best way to sell an old junk car for parts is to take it to a salvage yard or companies that offer to buy junk cars. Some good companies to consider are Pick-n-Pull and Junk Car Kings.