What did cars look like in the 1970's?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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my name is gregory

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Q: What did cars look like in the 1970's?
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When did they come out with sports cars?

mid 1970s

Do all cars come with auto speakers?

Yes, most cars do come with speakers auto. They have been a standard component in most cars since the 1970s. A quick look-over of a car is needed to tell.

What does Mexico cars look like?

They're typically American, European, and Japanese cars. So they look pretty much like normal cars.

What are 3 popular cars around the 1970s?


How were cars around in the 1970s?

Most had 4 Wheels

What do cars look like in 1400?

There were no cars invented in the 1400's.

Why do Shelby cars look like ford cars?

Because they are Ford cars, modified by Shelby.

When did they start inserting catalytic converters into cars?

the mid 1970s

What did cars look like in 1880?

They were mostly Angular. Try using Google images. There were no cars in 1880. First American cars were called Horseless Carriages and look like the name.

What do cars look like?

Dodge Challenger:)

What does cars look like?

open your eyes

What did cars look like in the new England colonies?

They didn't have any cars then