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The 'carrying a big stick' was a metaphor he coined. The point of the metaphor was that whoever had the biggest stick would not be threatened. He believed that if the USA held the most military power and presence, that other nations would respect the USA's military power and not be tempted to attack them.

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Q: What did Theodore roosevelt mean when he spoke to the US carring a big stick?
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Which president carried a stick with them when they spoke?

Theodore Roosevelt often carried a walking stick when spoke, using it for emphasis. His quote, 'Walk softly, but carry a big stick.' is world famous.

Do Rough Riders Big Stick and Square Deal all have Theodore Roosevelt in common?

Yes. These phrases are all associated with Theodore Roosevelt.

Who was best known for his big stick diplamacy?

Theodore Roosevelt.

Who is best known for his Big stick diplomacy?

Theodore Roosevelt

Who came up with the big stick diplomacy?

Theodore Roosevelt is the president with the big stick diplomacy. His ideology was contained in this proverb, "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." With this policy he would implicitly threaten with the military while simultaneously attempting peaceful negotiations.

Nickname for Roosevelt's aggressive diplomacy?

Theodore Roosevelt's aggressive diplomacy was referred to as "The Big Stick".

Who stated speak softly and carry a big stick?

Theodore Roosevelt

What style did Theodore Roosevelt have?


What is the name of Theodore Roosevelt's philosophy of international relations?

Big Stick

What were the foreign and domestic policies of Theodore roosevelt?

big stick diplomacy

What was the big stick Theodore Roosevelt used?

a world class naval force

Who was famous for his big stick diplomacy towards other countries?

Theodore Roosevelt