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In Texas Monday to Saturday usally 8-6

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Q: What days of the week can you get an inspection sticker?
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How long after expired inspection sticker in the state of Texas can you drive?

They give you a 5 days grace period for Inspection sticker . If you just google inspection sticker grace period it will take you to the information.

Is there a grace period for expired inspection sticker in Louisiana?

30 days

After a pa inspection sticker has expired how long do you have to get a new one?

15 days

What color is the 2012 inspection sticker in Texas?

What color is the inspection sticker for 2012

How much is a inspection sticker in Mississippi?

A Mississippi safety inspection sticker is $5.00.

Is the emission sticker required prior to performing a state inspection in PA?

a Pa state safety inspection sticker CAN NOT be applied prior to the emmissions sticker

How much is expired inspection sticker in Texas?

The ticket for an expired inspection sticker is $152, the cost to get it renewed is $14.50.

How can you beat a fraudulent inspection sticker ticket?

You would have to be able to prove that the inspection sticker is not fraudulent, otherwise there is no way to beat it.

Do you have to have insurance to get your inspection sticker?


Can your license be suspended for driving with a fake inspection sticker?

Yes, a face inspection sticker is against the law. They can certainly suspend the license.

If you trade your car for a car with no inspection sticker in Rhode Island how long can you drive it with no inspection sticker with out getting a ticket?

i don't know how Rhode Island is but in Pennsylvania you got 10 days... check your state department of transportation website to make sure though

What happens if you get a ticket for no inspection sticker?

You have to pay the ticket. And go through inspection.