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If the car detects a spin in the wheels or the danger of skidding in a turn, the ESP light will come on, verifying that the program is taking control of the car.

If the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) light stays on you need to see the repair shop. You don't have to be alarmed but it is best to have it checked out soon.

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Q: What danger is there when the esp light stays on?
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Why won't my Audi esp light turn off?

A bad brake sensor can cause the ESP light to stay on in an Audi. Other reasons the light stays on include a problem with the batter, loose clamp causing a leak in the intake, and worn brake pads.

What happen when esp light comes on?

This is the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) also called Traction Control. The light will come on briefly when one or more of the tires on your vehicle loose traction. It will also come on and stay on if you turn the traction control off. If the traction control is on and the light stays lit all the time, then there is a problem with the system. Seek professional help.

How do you reset the esp in Mercedes when the esp keeps turning on?

The system resets every time you shut the key off. the lamp stays on til the fault is repaired

Why does your abs warning light and your esp warning light and brake light comes on after your brakes services this is on a mer cedes 2003?

Why is my 97 mercedes e420 abs and esp warning light on?

Why does the esp bas light stay on?

In most cases it means one of the wheel speed sensors has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

When the foot brake is pressed which light come on?

bas esp light

Abs tcs esp light will not go out?

why wont my ABS light go out

Dome light on Ford Taurus stays on?

dome light stays on ford taurus

When was Point Danger Light created?

Point Danger Light was created in 1971.

Esp light comes on a Mercedes c200?

The "ESP" system helps correct oversteer and understeer by breaking the inner or outer wheel as needed to get the car back on a straight path. When the light flashes the "ESP" system has detected this condition and has momentarily engaged.

Brake lights not working and esp light stays on Audi a4?

Faulty Brake Light Switch...causes this and a myriad of other prblems. Replacing switch no guarantee....I had mine replaced (today, November 20th)...with another faulty switch...creating even more problems (won't shift out of 1st gear...ABS/ESP warnings go on...brake light doesn't work (stuck on "on"). Still waiting for dealer to resolve...have to wait until Monday.

Esp light in VW Golf?

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