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A slipping clutch.

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Q: What could insufficient free play in the clutch cause?
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What could be the result of having to much free travel at clutch pedal?

your clutch is worn out.

What causes clutch slip?

Clutch Slip can be caused by a couple of things but the main causes include a worn clutch plate, oil contamination on the friction plate itself, insufficient free-play and finally worn or seized operating mechanism.

What could be the result of having no free travel at clutch pedal?

You will wear your clutch prematurely. With no play, it means that there is lack of pressure on the clutch plate thus allowing it to slip; slippage causes wear.

What happens as clutch disc wears?

clutch pedal free play decreases

Pedal travel on a clutch how to adjust?

Depends on what vehicle you are working on. Rule of thumb is 1" free play, but it may be different on your vehicle. Normally the clutch master cylinder has an actuator rod that connects to the clutch pedal. This rod has a lock nut on it. Loosen this nut and turn the rod to lengthen or shorten the pedal free play. Some clutches are self adjusting. The free play must be adjusted so the clutch will fully release but not so much as to cause it to slip.

How do you tell if your clutch is gone?


What type of oil does a Honda 400ex take?

a motorcycle grade (moly free for the clutch) 20w-50 JASO rated oil would be great dont use car oil. you could ruin your clutch

Is spineworld free?

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How do you adjust the clutch cable on a 1995 suzuki sidekick jx 16valve?

Hold the end of the treaded rod (where it connects to the actual cable) with a pair of vicegrips - this to stop it from turning when tightening the nut. Yes the nut gets tightened to the point that the lever going into the clutch can be moved easily for about 3-4 mm (1/8-5/32") of travel. This 'free play is important - without the freeplay the clutch will wear out in no time at all. Too much free play will cause the clutch not to engage fully and cause the gears to grind etc.

Your 1992 5 speed Tracker is having difficulty going into gears accept when turned off Could this be the clutch?

The clutch is draging/ not disingauging all the need to adjust the free play in cable.If it is a juice clutch may need to blead it. good luck, ben

On a 1997 Mercury Mystique 2L engine 5 speed can the clutch be adjusted if it is slipping?

You can adjust the clutch pedal free play but not the clutch itself.

Your 600 series ford tractor clutch does not engage?

check the back axle oil level first as if it is low the dual power can slip then check the free play on the clutch pedal you should have between 1cm an 2cm of free play in the pedal before you feel pressure on the pedal if there is no free play then adjust the linkage under the cab until you have the desired amount if this is not the problem your clutch is probably gone you will have to split the tractor and examine the clutch and pressure plate and repair as necessary if the clutch is good then you could have a dual power problem so the dual-power unit will have to be checked and repaired