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Air in the brake lines

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Q: What could cause your brake petal to feel soft?
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What could cause your brake pedal to feel soft?

brek pads

What cause a suzuki esteem to feel like emergency brake is on while being driven?

The e-brake cable(s) could be stuck.

Just changed your front and rear brakes and shoes. The brake light turns on until you put in more brake fluid. The brakes feel if they were almost touching the floor at times. What could cause this?

If you are losing fluid and the pedal is low, you have a brake fluid leak.

What would cause brake pedal to feel soft?

Typically, that comes from having air in the lines.

The Parking Brake light won't go off on my 1995 Bronco XLT the brake is completely released and i cant feel it when i drive how can i get the light to go off and what may be causing it to stay on?

Most likely has a leak somewhere in the line, or the switch in the parking brake petal is bad. my switch went bad, just removed the bulb, cheap fix

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2002 acura tl type s you feel a slight vibration from the front end the car has new tire just ballanced what could be the cause?

Probable cause is a warped front disk brake rotor. The rotor can be "turned" to eliminate vibs if not too worn.

Why is it hard to push down brake pedal?

A hard brake pedal can be caused by several different factors. It can be as simple as the brake pedal getting caught on something to the power brake booster being bad. You could also have a brake pad or shoe that is sticking, causing the brake fluid to boil. When brake fluid boils, it expands and can cause the hard brake pedal that you feel. A brake pedal that is hard to press can also be caused by a build-up of water in the brake line. The water in the brake line lowers the boiling point of the brake fluid. A hard brake pedal can also be the result of a restriction in the brake line, such as a bent brake line or foreign material in the brake fluid. The most common cause of a hard brake pedal is the sticking brake pad or shoe, causing the brake fluid to boil. Tracking down what is causing the hard brake pedal can be frustrating, to say the least. Take the vehicle for a drive and when you come back, feel your brake lines near the wheels. Caution: The line may be very hot! If one is extremely hot, you may have just found the culprit causing the hard brake pedal.

What would cause for the brake pedal to go all the way down and the car will stop but the brake pedal doesn't feel like it has pressure when you step on it?

It seems like there might be air in your brake system. You should try bleeding your brakes and filling it with fresh brake fluid.

Why does my Kia Optima vibrate when you brake?

Brake vibration is usually caused by the brake rotors being warped. The rotors must be machined or replaced to correct the problem. if you can feel it in the steering then the drums are or rear rotor could be warped

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What would cause the brake warning light to come on in a Ford Windstar?

AnswerFirst thing to check is the brake fluid levels. Second is that the emergency brake pedal is fully released.Third - could be excessive brake pedal travel - having to push it too far. This might be the brakes are in need of repair / replace.Anything else, have the brake system inspected.AnswerIf the emergency brake is partially on due to a sticking cable, or a weak brake master cylinder starting to go out.( does the brake feel a little spongy?) Check to make sure that the E-brake is fully released and the cable is not hanging up due to corrosion.I hope this helps you.