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Cigarette lighter not work?I read in my car owner manual, and it tells me that the reason why a cigarette lighter will stop working is because the heating mechanism is burned out. I'm not sure exactly what it is or what is a definite answer for why it would burn out. But one reason was given. It said if you take the lighter out before it pops up, that it would cause the heating mechanism to burn out faster.
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Q: What could cause the cigarette lighter to stop working?
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Why is the Cigarette lighter not working on vw Passat?

Probably just the fuse or it could be a lose wire under the dash

The cigarette lighter was pushed in and now neither the radio nor the cigarette lighter will work What could be wrong?

Most likely the fuse is blown, many cars have the cigar lighter and the radio on the same circut.

Cigarette lighter not working in 2004 Mitsubishi outlander?

Your 2001 rav 4 cigarette lighter worksbut the other two cigarette socket doesnt work the one at the back and the one near the handbreakis there a fuse for these two sockets you cant find them at the

What fuse is for the cigarette lighter in a 1993 Plymouth Voyager?

The owner's manual does not state a specific fuse for the cigarette lighter, but it worked a few months ago, and now doesn't. Could it be something else?

Why there is center division in cigarette lighter?

To give the lighter structural strength, otherwise the plastic case could just crack in your pocket.

Could a cigarette lighter which was torn from wiring make a short throughout the rest of vehicle?

Certainly could, especially if the bare wires that were connected to the lighter mechanism short out (touch) together. This will cause a dead short and render the car's entire electrical system inoperable.

How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a VN commodore 1991 model Also where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter as there isn't one labled in the fuse box?

I need to know two things------1--I have a 1991 Dodge Spirit-Where on the fuse panel is the fuse that controls the cigarette lighter i t does not show it oMn the cover?-#-2---my blower stopped working, I get good heat on all settings. What can I check I checked the fuse, and it is good, could I have a loose wire somewhere? Mike

2001 Ford Ranger cigarette lighther not working?

In your fuse panel on the driver's end of the dash (the cover is visible with the driver's door open ) in location # 17 there is a 20 amp fuse for your cigarette lighter and data link connector - check to see if the fuse is blown , also it could be the lighter itself or an electrical connection problem. (Helpfull)

Your cigarette lighter is not working is there any fuse for cigarette lighter for 1989 325i BMW?

Yep and its located in either the glove compartment or right rear over the battery. Also in my 1988 325IS the cigarette lighter works to power my electrical devices however when i plug in most/all new devices the stupid thing doesn't work and the reason for this is the alignment of the contacts on the plug-in. Try some of your old devices first and if none work then it could be your fuse. YOUR WELCOME :-D

When headlights are on the cigarette lighter goes off when you cut the headlights off the cigarette lighter comes back on?

you could have some faulty wiring. take your dash board off and see if any wires are frayed or broken

Where could one purchase a cigarette lighter adapter online?

There are a number of adapters available that work in a cigarette lighter. An individual can find just about any type of converter needed on Amazon. Also available in stores like Best Buy and Walmart.

Is there a device that connects to a cars cigarette lighter that you could plug an electrical chord into?

Yes, it's called a Power Inverter