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Sometimes it is a manufacturing defect. Sometimes it is a "goose egg" caused by a belt slipping. If you do not trust the tire dealer you are talking to, go to a Firestone or Goodyear store. Most are legitimate dealers and will be happy to advise you.

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Q: What could cause a knot on the side of a tire?
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What could be the cause of a ticking noise from the driver's side front tire when driving?

nail in tire, or rock

When a front axle is going out in a 2000 Pontiac gran prix does it cause the car to shake as if theres a knot on the tire?

Yes it could do that. It would be close to separating into two pieces.

Where can you find a diagram of the underneath side of the drivers seat of a kia optima?

What could cause a rattling at t he drivers side back tire..

What would cause loud screeching and metallic sound on drivers side by the tire?

your brake pads could be worn out.

What could cause a tire on the drivers side to be hot after driving?

well, when you drive with any of the four tires being low you will cause it to over heat, or it could be making a lot of sharp turns.

Could a gearbox cause a loose tire?


What could cause water to pour out of motor on1996 cadillac on right hand side?

if its at the front, radiator or hose, if its closer to the tire could be overflow tank or cap.

How do particles inside a car tire cause pressure on the tire?

they hit the walls/side of the tyre and that builds pressure

What would cause vibration on a 07 Dodge Magnum passenger side I know I need a front end alignment because of the tire where on that tire. would that cause vibration at 40 and higher speeds.?

Tire out of balance is the most common cause.

Does an bad tire or unbalance cause your car drive to the side?

uh yea it does

What would cause rear tire on an SUV to wear prematurely?

Passenger side rear tire? Someone is doing burn-outs.

What could cause a noise from tires while driving?

You could have blown your tire or it could have gone flat.