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A bad bearing can cause can the front end of car to make a squeaking noise when turning steering wheel either direction. It can also be caused by bad suspension.

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Q: What could cause Front end of car making sqeaking noise when turning steering wheel either direction?
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When you turn your steering wheel in either direction your car makes a loud whiny sound what cause that?

whining sound when turning the steering wheel, in either direction, means that the power steering fluid is low and/or possibly the power steering pump is going bad.

Key wont turn in ignition of 2004 escalade?

hmm im just guessing but try turning the steering wheel either direction while trying to turn the key in the ignition. you may have to try turning the wheel both ways.

What are the symptoms of a power steering pump broke in a Mazda 3?

if the pump has failed completely it will cause stiff turning, obviously not being assisted by power. if the pump is failing there may be a squealing sound when turned in either direction. This is not to be confused with the squealing made when turning the wheel to its limits.

What is wrong with my Mercedes the ignition key not turning?

The problem could be the lock for the steering wheel. Move the steering either side while trying to turn the key.

What would cause power steering on a 2003 Grand Prix to work well when turning in one direction but intermittently when turning the opposite way?

you probly have a bad tie rod on one side if u turn the wheel and here sot of like a bumb sound when just in park then that is what it is The power steering pump either does not have enough fluid has to much fluid or the pump itself is malfunctioning.

Car ideal codition either direction is very hard steering and noice is coming?

Sounds like you need to add some power steering fluid.

How do you unstuck the key switch?

You simply need to turn your steering wheel either way to get the ignition switch to unlock. Turn the key while you are turning the steering wheel and it will unlock it.

96 Ford Aspire ignition key sticks won't turn in either direction?

The first obvious answer is that you are using the wrong key. It is possible that one or more of the pins in the lock is stuck in the up position. try using some wd-40 or some other penitrating oil and work the key in and out for a while. A shot of compressed air in the lock after the oil may help. Another possibility is that the steering wheel was turned so that when the key was turned off and the pressure turning the wheel was released, it put pressure the other way on the ignition switch causing it to hold the key from turning. Try turning the steering wheel a little in either direction then turn the key.

What would keep the key from turning in either direction in a 1999 Ford Wind Star?

maybe it is the wrong key ...

Why does 1997 maxi-ma squeak when you turn in either direction after starting?

Either your belt is worn out or your power steering pump is low on fluid or needs replaced.

What would cause a rough very bumpy movement when turning the steering wheel either right or left sharply around corner This never happened until we had a transmission fluid leak and got a new filter?

sounds like either your power steering is going out, or you are low on power steering fluid

What can cause a vibration in your truck only happens when you're taking off and turning either right or left not straight?

Power Steering Pump