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Could be anything from an engine management problem to the transmission failing

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Q: What could be wrong with a automatic car that jolts while driving?
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What could be the constant clicking sound which appears to come from the automatic gear while driving?

My left wheel ticking while driving was causes by brake pads that did not fit. As explained poor fit.

Can you change the gears in automatic cars while driving?

no im 30023

Will it hurt to drive it with the jolting happening in the automatic car while driving?


What is the name of the phobia of rolling back on hill while driving automatic car?


Can you break your transmission if you shift in to neutral while driving?

If its an Automatic, yes its possible.Otherwise if it's a Manual, then no.

What happens if you put your Automatic car in park while driving?

Nothing. It will keep on driving. There is a safety on the gear that will not enable it to be activated while in movement. It may destroy your gear though.

What are Some of the reasons that your driving privilege could be revoked?

This is different in different states, but your driving privileges could be revoked for too many tickets, multiple wrecks, driving while drunk, driving while texting, driving without insurance, committing a felony while driving, leaving the scene of an accident, running from police, failure to appear in court to answer for a ticket

Having mixed emotions while driving could be?


What could cause a noise from tires while driving?

You could have blown your tire or it could have gone flat.

Is smelling gas while driving dangerous?

Smelling gas while driving could mean that your gas tank is leaking. You should definitely get it checked out.

What causes a 1997 Nissan maxima to shut off while driving?

If you lost power while driving it could be the alternator. Its not charging your batter anymore

Automatic wont engage gears after driving it in the paddock. while i was driving i shifted in into park and reved it an my mate slamed it into drive help please?

Call a towing company, a mechanic, and a new friend.