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Probably a dead battery.

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Q: What could be wrong when your electric scooter will not start?
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Why wont my scooter startAfter a good rain the scooter started then reved up for a second now it wont start What could be wrong before you take it to a shop Thanks? Join now for scooter chat and free manuals!

Electric lawn mower won't start?

My electric lawn mower was working just fine, however in the middle of mowing the yard it would not restart. What could be wrong?

Do all scooter bearings fit all scooters?

I don't think so but I could be wrong.. it depends what wheels you have. The important thing is that your wheels fit you scooter..

Why will my 1981 E-350 box van have electric fuel pump ran out of gas and put gas in will start but as soon as you start to dive it will not stay started what could be wrong?

Possibly clogged fuel filter.

Why not tamper with electrical mains or fittings in the lab?

We could get electric shock, something could go wrong and someone could get hurt.

Battery won't charge replaced battery already scooter will pull start but like the electric start what else can be wrong?

if your scooter has a turn key ignition there should be a clip with 4 prongs inside check to see if the prongs are bent. bend back any of the prongs and hook up the ignition. turn the key and see if it works. if this doesn't work try replacing the voltage regulator. i had the same problem on my apc style mini chopper and it works fine.

What is wrong if a 1998 Kia Sephia is starting to start but won't turn over?

The electric fuel pump could be broke. The fuel filter could be clogged. Or you could have clogged injectors. This could be the problem if it is turning over but wont start. If it won't turn all the way over then try to clean the battery post, jump start it or just tighten the battery connectors.

What could be wrong if the electric window's suddenly stopped working?

you need either a switch or regulator

What could be wrong if your 1991 Ford Tempo was jumpered wrong and won't start?

Have the alternator checked out.

Do Vegetables have electric current?

I've never tried it and I could be wrong but I believe you could pass an electric current through a vegetable, especially one with a high water content. Similar to how you can pass an electric current through a person.

What happens if the battery is hooked up wrong in a wheelchair scooter?

More than likely it will blow the fuse. It could possibly do other damage. You will know when you replace the fuse.

Where can you purchase a scooter repair kit online?

You can purchase a scooter repair kit online at any online scooter store, ebay, amazon, or many other places. Make sure you know exactly what kind of scooter you have so you don't order the wrong kits.