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Exhaust leak? Vacuum leak?

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Q: What could be the hissing sound that comes from your under the car after you accelerate?
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What could be the hissing sound coming from your Pontiac Bonnevil when you accelerate?

maybe clogged air filter or carburettar is sucking air and needs repairing

Why is there a hissing sound coming from under the dash of your Honda civic when you accelerate?

coz ur momma is in ur bonnet!

What does a vacuum leak sound like in a 93 suburban?

Could be a "hissing" sound

Your s-10 makes a hissing sound when you accelerate?

Might want to check the catalatic converter. if it is that, it's gonna be spendy unless you just drill a hole in the pipe.

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A ferret that make a hissing sound means they are annoyed or irritated

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What might be causing a hissing noise in a shock absorber during rebound?

A cracked air cylinder could cause a hissing sound in a shock absorber during rebound. Another possible cause could be the seal.

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What is wrong with your Bose Av321 media center if no sound comes out from all of its speakers?

Sound AMP problem or failure in the sub-woofer. Turn your speakers up all the way, do you hear any static or hissing? Could be a number of things, and it's not good.

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Why is there a clicking sound when you accelerate?

Depends on where it is coming from. If it seems outside of the vehicle, it could be a hub bearing.