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Shape and/or symmetry is the concept of balanced form that exists in art architecture science nature and mathematics.

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Q: What concept of balanced form that exists in art architecture science nature and mathematics?
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This concept of balanced form exists in art architectire science nature and mathematics?

The word is symmetry.

What subjects must taken for getting architecture?

You can take any stream out of commerce or science but Mathematics is compulsory in both streams for architecture

What are 4 science or mathematics topics Leonardo explored in his notebook?

geometry, enginearing, sound, motion, and architecture

How did architecture change during the Renaissance?

I believe that the architecture was different because humanists in the renaissance period started experimenting with mathematics and science, therefore they came up with new ways of building.

What were the important contributions to geometry?

Virtually all of mathematics, science, architecture, and engineering, depends upon geometry. Human civilization as we know it couldn't exist without this basic branch of mathematics.

Is mathematics the language of science?

Yes, Mathematics is the language of Science. Mathematics is referred to as the language of science because it summarizes science in numbers.

Is mathematics science?

Depending on what type of science, yes mathematics can be science. Like if you're doing physics that can be mathematics.

What is concept of loop in discrete mathematics?

Since discrete math can be related with computer science, and C.S includes for semantic, it will analyse cases

What branch of science is mathematics?

Mathematics is a branch of science in its own right.

Major achievements in mathematics and science were made during the gupta dynasty among them was the?

Architecture and mathematics were also achievements in the Gupta Empire. Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings. Many of the old Gupta temples built more than 1,700 years ago still survive in northern India

Why mathematics is the most basic science?

The German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss described mathematics one correctly as the quenn of all sciences. The German philosopher Immanuel Kant once remarked that one can only call a discipline a science as long as there is mathematics in it. Mathematics is the most basic science, because every other science (physics, chemistry, biology, geology, computer science) uses mathematical theorems to answer questions in this science. Mathematics does not depend on any other science. Mathematicians do mathematics for the sake of mathematics. That is why mathematics is the most fundamental science.

What concern was incorporated into western art during the renaissance?

mathematics and science