What company made the GTO?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pontiac made the GTO the year of the car started in 1968. i would recomend the 1969 GTO judge

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Pontiac made the GTO. And no it was not started in 1968 as stated above lol.

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Q: What company made the GTO?
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Where is the gto made?

The new GTO was made in Australia by Holden of GM Australia. The old GTO's were naturally made in the USA.

What year was the first GTO made?

The first year for the GTO was 1964.

What is a suitable gearbox and motor for a 1991 gto?

GTO wasn't made in 1991.

What company produces the GTO?

GTO(Gran Turismo Omologato, or Grand Touring Homologation) is a brand made by Ferrari for quite a long time. It has been a best-seller and best-bidding item for Ferrari for the longest time.

When was the last GTO made?

In it's original production run, the last GTO was made in 1974. However, it was hardly a GTO, it was more of a glorified Nova than anything else.

What year was the last Pontiac gto made?

They made the gto from 1964 to 1974 then they came out with the small gto. The last of the new series of GTOs rolled off the line June 14, 2006.

Who makes the GTO?

Pontiac made them.

What Pontiac gto model was last made in the united states?

The 1974 Ventura based GTO was made in Willow Run, Michigan. The 2004-2006 GTOs were made in Austrialia by Holden and imported to the US. If you want to be technical the 1972-1974 GTO was only an option on the lemans and ventura, the last US made GTO MODEL was the 1971.

What car company created the popular GTOs?

The GTO, a small racing car, was originally made by Ferrari in 1962. When the Pontiac division of GM decided to make a similar vehicle, they adopted the moniker GTO and released the Pontiac GTO in 1964, based on the Pontiac LeMans model. Based on the LeMans and Ventura models, Pontiac released the GTO until 1974. The Pontiac GTO was rereleased in 2004 but due to low sales, production stopped in 2006.

What company invented the first muscle car?

Actually, Pontiac. The GTO.

Where was the 69 GTO made?

The United States.

How many 2006 gto's were made?