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Even with bad credit, a person can still get their car financed. One way is by going to your local Chevy dealer. With a little information and job history, they can have a car for you before you walk out the door.

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Q: What companies may approve car finance for people with bad credit?
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Which companies offer car loans to people with poor credit?

There are various companies that offer car loans to people with poor credit. Some of the companies that offer bad credit auto loans include Federal Auto Loan and BlueSky Auto Finance.

What are some finance companies that say yes to persons with bad credit?

With the recession, people's credit ratings have become increasingly poor and a number of agencies now offer credit to such people. These companies include Lloyds, Wellcome and ING.

Where can you get a loan at with bad credit?

For people requiring loans when they have a poor credit rating then they may be able to get a poor credit loan from several companies advertising poor credit loans. Sites such as Tesco Bank and Norton Finance offer loans to people with poor credit.

Where can one get bad credit loans on purchases for cars?

There are finance companies who deal solely with people who have a bad credit rating. It may also be worth searching out dealerships who specialize in helping people in this situation.

How can a person refinance an auto loan with bad credit?

There are some finance companies that will offer credit to people who have bad credit ratings. However caution should be taken as the interest is likely to be very high when choosing this option.

Where can someone with poor credit finance a car?

There are companies available who will deal with customers who have a poor credit rating. These companies are usually available online but be warned they tend to have a higher interest rate and many people still use then because they find it difficult to get credit elsewhere because of their history.

You Can Benefit From Finance Companies?

Finance companies fill important roles by servicing customers that banks won�t service. Although a finance company acts a lot like a bank by providing financing and loans, it differs from a bank in that it does not accept deposits from its customers. Because they are not banks, finance companies often show more flexibility by lending to customers who otherwise might not qualify for a loan. Because banks may have tighter lending standards than finance companies, people with less than perfect credit will likely want to start their search from financing by including finance companies.

Finance companies do what?

Loan money to people and organisations.

Where can one with bad credit go to get an auto financed?

Most large credit companies will still finance your auto loan even if you have bad credit. Bad credit will mean that you will not get a good interest rate and may end up having to pay a lot more for your car. There are also companies that specialize in loans for people who have bad credit. Once again these companies will give loans at a higher interest rate.

What are some of the best mortgage companies that offer a great low fixed mortgage for people with bad credit?

In the current market it is very hard to get a mortgage with bad credit. Many mortgage companies will request that you take care of bad debts first. However, try and they will try to make you with a bank that will approve you.

What are some lender companies that help those with poor credit?

While some financial institutions are reluctant to do business with people who have poor credit history, there are places for such people to turn. Citizens Savings & Loan and Sterling Finance Company are two businesses that will work with almost anyone, regardless of their credit score.

Which companies specialize in arranging loans for people with CCJs?

Examples for companies that specialize in arranging loans for people with CCJs are "Ocean Finance", "Amort Gage Now", "Auto-Money" or "Express Finance Loans."