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Several companies offer car insurance for learner drivers including the AA, Aviva and City Insurance. If the learner driver is going to be learning in a car owned by a qualified driver with their own insurance policy it may be possible to add the learner driver to that policy for a nominal fee.

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Q: What companies do car insurance for a learner driver?
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Where can one find companies that offer provisional car insurance?

Provisional car insurance is a policy that can be purchased by a person who is learning to drive in another person's car. The insurance covers the learner driver without risking the insurance of the owner of the vehicle. Companies that offer provisional car insurance can be located through an insurance broker.

Where can one find information on learner driver's car insurance?

Any auto insurer can provide information on car insurance for drivers with a learner's permit. Some of the best companies to contact are Allstate, State Farm, or AAA. If the driver is one of your children, you can always add them to your current auto policy.

Does your learner driver need to be added on your car insurance?

Yes, children with a learners license should always be reported to your insurance company. Most companies will not charge an additional premium for drivers with a learners permit but they must be added as a driver.

Can learner driver be a owner of a car?

Yes it is possible but getting an insurance with the temps. is hard

If your parents have Metlife will their insurance go up if you get your learner's permit?

You will have to check with the insurance company. Because a person with a permit has to have a licensed driver in the car, some insurance companies will not charge anything. Others may, it depends on the company.

Which companies provide cheap car driver insurance for women?

Many companies offer cheap car driver insurance for women. Some examples of these insurance companies include GEICO, Mercury Insurance, and State Farm.

Can you insurance your car with learner's license?

Try this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

Where can one get car insurance for learner drivers?

Most big name insurance companies like Allstate and Geico offer insurance to cover drivers on learner's permits. Just contact your regular insurance provider.

How much does a learner's permit insurance cost?

There are too many variables to give one answer that will cover everyone in every car in every location. In my state there is no additional charge for insurance that covers a driver with a learner's permit, since they MUST be in the car with a licensed driver while driving. Once they get their actual driver's license, THEN there is a charge for their insurance. For a best answer, talk to the insurance company that now insures the car in question.

If your son is a learner driver with you in the car does he still need insurance?

So long as your son has your permission to drive your car, he is covered under your insurance policy. (As long as he has a valid driver's permit or license)

Where can one get a car insurance for a convicted driver?

Several insurance companies will gladly offer a quota for car insurance to a convicted driver. The quota will not be low, and it will probably cost the driver as much as a new car will.

Who's insurance covers you if you drive a friend's car but only have a learner's permit and your parent's and the friend are insured?

Usually the insurance on the car covers any permitted driver unless that driver is excluded in writing.