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Some good places to look for car and van rentals would be places like Hertz or Orbitz. Many sites that book flights and hotels also offer car rentals.

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2013-04-03 08:53:03
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Q: What companies are available for car and van rental?
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Do most rental companies have van rentals?

Most rental companies do not rent vans, most of the rental companies only rent cars because cars are most profitable. Furthermore most of the customers only need a car and do not rent a van.

Is there a place in Michigan where I can find a van rental?

Van rentals in Michigan are available from a variety of major rental companies. The most popular of these are Penske, Budget, and Hertz.

What are some moving van rental companies in Alexandria VA?

Uhaul is the most widely available moving van rental in Alexandria, Va. In addition to Uhaul having locations in Alexandria, Va, there are several private moving companies available for hire.

Which nationwide rental companies have rental vans available by the month?

You should find most car rental companies have van rentals and the ability to rent for a period as long as a month. Enterprise Rental, for one, has delivery-sized vans that can be used for many purposes. They have special rates for long-term rentals too.

What are the biggest conversion van rental companies?

Crown Rent A Car, Ace Rent A Car and Courtesy, Rentals Sale and Service are all examples of conversion van rental companies. Further details can be found on their official websites or by contacting them directly.

What car hire companies hire out Plymouth cars?

Practical Car & Van Rental, Thrifty Car & Van Rental, Avis and Plymouth rent cars in the UK. Budget and Best Car Rental rent Plymouth cars in New Zealand. Budget rents Plymouth cars in Canada.

Where are good cargo van rental deals?

You can get a good cargo van rental deal at Enterprise Rent A Car, Prestige Car Rental, CC Rental, and Budget Rent A Car. The van rental location you choose will depend on where you live.

How much does a van rental cost for a cross country vacation?

Renting a van can be costly but there are ways to find a cheaper rate online. Check out this website for rates and reviews of van rental companies.

Van Hire is a term for which car rental company?

Well this term stands for the companies that offer van hire services, I know a company that provides all kind Long Term Car Rental and can surely help you.

What rental companies will rent me a van?

there are many different rental companies that will rent you a van depending on the type make and size van you want to rent You can check online for more information at any rental dealership

Which national rental companies offer one-way van rental?

There are a few national rental companies that offer one-way van rental. Penske, U-Pack Moving, and Budget Truck Rental to name a few.

Are there car rental companies that allow you to select a certain type of rental van ahead of time?

Yes all of them do long as they have vans. is a good one.

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