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the color is green for Harris county.
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Q: What color is the 2014 inspection sticker for TX?
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How much is an expired inspection sticker in Texas?

In Pennsylvania, it can cost you between 100 and 200 dollars depending on how the officer feels that day.

What does a 2011 TX inspection sticker look like?

just go to a parking lot and you'll see one I'm sure.

Can you get a ticket for a expired inspection in CA when your car is registered in TX?

No! Ca has NO authority to enforce an inspection requirement from TX. It can however enforce the registration, if that has expired.

Will my car pass inspection in TX with abs light on?

Yes, if there are no other problems.

How long can you drive without a car inspection in TX?

As long as the vehicle is not registered in Texas. Once registered, you are always required to have a valid inspection.

Where online can I find pipe inspection services for Dallas?

You can find pipe inspection services for Dallas ont he followign website: They have several listings.

Is there a bus traveling from Beaumont TX to Alexandria on Jan 13 2014?

Looking for a bus from Beaumont, Tx to Alexandria LA on Jan. 13, 2014

What is the market cap for Ternium SA TX?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Ternium S.A. (TX) is $5,791,703,798.16.

When is next lunar eclipse in Dallas TX?


Is an interior mirror required for a vehicle inspection in tx?

Yes, if the vehicle came equipped with a rear view mirror from the factory.

Where is the Color Me Empowered in Dallas Texas located?

The address of the Color Me Empowered is: 1503 N Garrett Ave, Dallas, TX 75206-7865

How much is a vehicle inspection sticker in tx?

$55.00 It's based on the year, weight etc. but it's fairly reasonable in comparison to most states. See table below-