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Typically, the strobes are blue and red.

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Q: What color are the oscillating lights on the police cars?
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What color are the oscillating lights on the police cars in Chicago?

Chicago is famous for having only Blue lights on its police cars

What color emergency lights do state police cars have in Indiana?

Emergency lights in state police cars in Indiana are blue and red in most counties in Indiana. These are common colours, not just in Indiana, but throughout the United States and the world!

What color of lights are illegal on cars in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, the law prohibits the use of certain colored lights on vehicles. Flashing, oscillating, or rotating red lights are generally reserved for emergency vehicles. Blue lights, except for authorized vehicles, are also restricted. It's crucial to comply with state regulations to avoid legal issues and ensure road safety.

How do police cars give you a warning?

Lights, and Siren.

Did police cars in 1933 have lights and sirens?


Why are dark blue police cars?

Not all police cars are dark blue. In fact most are not. The ones you see that are dark blue are painted that color because that is the color chosen by that police dept.

What color flashing lights does the FBI cars use?


What color car does police pick up first?

Contrary to popular belief, police do not pick on cars of a certain color.

Does anyone know If a police vehicle changes anything with the way the bright lights work?

It is noted that police cars always seem to have brighter lights than the normal cars. For one thing, the police always have their lights aimed precisely at the factory recommended settings. Some police cars in years gone by used to install aircraft landing lights in place of the bright lights for added illumination. Don't know if they still do this though. Some departments rewire the bright lights to alternately flash on a high speed pursuit for identification purposes.

What color cars is stopped by police most?

Red and yellow cars. They are the most eye-catching.

What are the strobe lights on police cars for?

To warn drivers of their presence and to pull people over with.... Do you seriously have to ask?

Why do police cars have light bar on the roof?

To make the pretty blue and red lights higher and easier to see.