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Class 1

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Q: What class of license allow you to operate a trailer equipped with air brakes weighing over 4600 kg?
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Which class of trailer hitch is best suited for a boat and it and equipped weighing less than 2000 pounds?

Class I

Is a 1999 K1500 equipped for trailer brakes?

It appears to be equipped for trailer brakes.

Want to hook up trailer harness 97 Tahoe where are plugs located?

The trailer harness plug should be located behind the rear license plate holder. Some 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe's were not equipped with the trailer harness plug.

what license do hgv drivers need?

HGV drivers need a Category C license. The Category C license is used for drivers of large vehicles not weighing more than 750kg. The vehicle is usually a large truck where the cab is permanently attached to the trailer.

Which vehicle exterior component provides a connection point for towing equipment such as a trailer?

A trailer hitch... (if equipped)

Do you have to have a license to drive a horse trailer?

In the United States you do not have to have a separate license to drive a trailer, unless it is very large or you are doing it for hire.

What is required to operate a boat in Iowa?

Trailer ratings are based on the total weight of the trailer and boat.

Do you have ti license a light trailer?

Specific rules vary by state, but in Washington state you have to have a license plate on every trailer no matter what size it is.

Can you find who owns a horse trailer by license plate or trailer id number?


Is a recreational camper trailer considered a vehicle in Florida?

Yes, you must apply for a recreational vehicle license. You must have license plates on the back of your trailer.

What sort of permits do you need to operate concession trailers in COlorado?

A concession trailer requires inspection. To operate one a Colorado Commercial Food Trailer Health Permit is required.

Which CDL license do I need to drive a Triaxle dump truck?

It would require a Class B CDL, without an air brake restriction (there is no air brake endorsement - only a restriction if you don't pass the written air brakes test and perform your pre-trip and road tests in a vehicle so equipped). You would only need a Class A if that vehicle was going to tow a trailer with a GVW in excess of 10,000 lbs.