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The little mouse under the pedal

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Q: What causes your car to squeak when you accelerate?
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What causes a car to accelerate?

A person pressing the gas pedal.

What causes a car to squeak when just started?

Usually the accessory drive belt is faulty

What causes the car to squeak when driving and the road is rough - does not squeak when raining only dry conditions?

The car may need new brakes or tires because they might be wearing down.

What are three controls on a car that causes it to accelerate?

The engine, the transmission and the operator.

What causes your car to idle but not accelerate?

change your fuel filter, it could be plugged.

What causes a squeak in car tires and a squeaky rattle when going over small bumps?

Squeak in tires (when turning in particular) could mean low tire pressure, or bald tires.

What are the current scrap metal prices in Georgia?

what causes my car to stall gas is accelerate

What causes objects to accelerate?

Gravity causes falling objects to accelerate.

What is a sentence for the word accelerate?

He would wildly accelerate his car when the traffic light turned green. Gravity causes falling objects to accelerate as they move toward the Earth. Living in a foreign country can accelerate the speed at which you learn the native language.

What does it mean when the car brakes squeak?

Some manufactures use a wear indicator that causes a squealing sound when the pads need to be replaced.

What causes noise in showtime rotisserie?

What causes the a squeak in my showtime rotisserie

What causes a squeak from the right front wheel well?

More info: '97 Honda, the right front tire was recently patched by a tire shop. Squeak occurs when the car bounces on bumps, holes, rough road.