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As the piston moves up and down in the cylinder it also moves the piston rings up and down in the grooves. With the rings moving up and down it gradually increases the side clearence. Material is taken off from both the piston groove and the ring.

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Q: What causes the piston ring groove clearance to widen in service?
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What is the piston ring clearance for Isuzu c-240?

assuming that you have new cylinder liners and pistons or old pistons with good ring groove conditions, piston rings come with the correct/specified clearance when bought new.

What is bumping in reciprocating compressor?

bumping clearance is the clearance between piston and head ,piston and crank endside

What is the standarad clearance between piston and sleeve?

most auto mechanic preferred .002 clearance from piston skirt to sleeve

What causes a 2E tazz to bend the head valves?

the pistons most likely have zero clearance in the between the piston heads and the valves. When the timing goes out on a vehicle with zero clearance, the piston heads hit the valve heads, thereby bending the valve stems.

What is the minimum number of piston rings?

one ring per piston, the pistons have a groove in it where the ring fits on.

What is the space between the piston rings called?

Piston ring gap.

How much clearance is allowed from the piston to the cylinder wall on a 2000 YZ 125?

Well...... you need A LITTLE bit of clearance for the gas mixture to lubricate the piston and cylinder. Plus your piston expands when it gets hot.

What is the Honda CT110 piston to cylinder clearance?


What is the clearance between piston and cyclender head?

Piston is the device with a cup like shape that fit completely in the Cylinder.

What is clearance volume of engine?

The volume between the engine head and piston when the piston is in the head dead center piston R - is expressed in cubic inches

What is total effective piston area?

wrist pin to crown . the area of cylinder wall the piston travels ,shirt to upper ring groove

What is normally used to maintain the correct piston to cylinder clearance?