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most likely a fuse is blown

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Q: What causes the gauges not to come up when you turn the key on?
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Why do your gauges move when you turn on the key?

Because they are electronic and when you turn the key on it energise them and the computer witch controls them. This is normal.

Where is the instrument cluster on a 2004 avalanche?

That is were all your gauges and lights that come on when you turn the key on is. You look at it all the time to see how fast you are going.

Why does the gauges on a F150 still come on with no key in ignition switch?

Posible relay problem

What causes the ignition where the key goes to lock up snd will not turn at all?

I am not sure what causes this, but I have had times when my ignition key would not turn. The solution to the main problem is to turn the steering wheel slightly. This usually allows the ignition key to turn.

Key won't turn off all the way or come out of 95 tacoma?

key won't turn off all the way or come out of 95 tacoma

You want to take out the key from the ignition key BMWi 2001?

How can I take out the key from the ignition key in a BMW 325i 2001. I can turn on the engine but the key doesn't come out when I turn off.

How come your key will not turn the ignition in your Toyota Camry?

move the steering wheel while attempting to turn ignition key

My 1997 firebird will not crank if you turn the key Windows radio and all gauges will not light up its just dead why?

Dead battery or a broken battery wire

What causes they key to not turn in a 1996 Chevy Corsica?

steering wheel in locked positon try moving it a little either way and the key should turn. The steering wheel has a locking device that wont let the key turn if the wheel is not free or you have the Wrong key

Turn my key to start car and get nothing not even the gauges come on but yet the lights work and the instrument panel lights work why won't it turn over the starter on a 1968 camaro?

Some times the battery will have enough power to turn lights on but not enough to turn the engine over. Try to jump start it or replace battery with one you know is charged. By the way-nice car.

What causes a 2000 Ford Fiesta not to start?

You need to put a key in the ignition and turn it.

What causes your car not to start first turn of the key?

Check the battery and the connections to the engine.