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Check the fluid in your Power Steering pump. Or it could be the bearing it's self in the pump going bad causing the motor lag as it pumps fluid.

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Q: What causes the engine to work harder when turning right?
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What causes a cars engine to miss when turning right?

its not working properly ...should bought a ford

1986 Fiero V6 2.8 - Every time I turn Left or Right it stalls out. Why?

This will be a bit harder to solve. If it sputters when it is turning, then you should look at a fuel related issue. If the engine feels more like it is turning off, then on, then you need to look at an electrical related issue.

What causes a thumping noise in the front right wheel when turning?


What causes the car to vibrate when turning the wheel either left or right out of a parking space?

The power steering pump is working hard and the engine is only idling. It could be the harmonic balancer

What causes frt corners to rise on car when turning steering left or right?

Because you drove up the left or right sidewalk.

What causes a thud sound from a car when turning right while accelerating?

sounds like a cv joint

What causes noise in left rear area when TURNING right in 1997 Nissan Maxima?

Wheel bearing?

What causes a knocking noise to occur during normal driving while slightly turning right.?

tie rods

What causes a thumping noise in front end when turning right or left in a Honda civic?

worn cv joint =[

What causes 1996 neon to stall when turning right?

ground wire passenger side thin copper wie it is broke

What causes a squealing sound when you turn the wheels completely to the right or left?

The cause of the squealing sound is because you are turning the steering wheel completely to the right or left

When turning left and an opposing car is turning right who has the right of way?

Car turning right has the right away. Car turning from left has to yield the right away to cars coming strait or turning right this is the law in all 50 states