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What causes the dashboard light to stay on after your car has been turned off? 1994 Buick Century.

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Q: What causes the dashboard lights to stay on after car is turned off?
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What causes the daylight runnuing lights to stay on after the ignition is turned off?

Bad relay

Saab Dashboard lights stay on?

What year and model? Under what conditions? The dash lights are designed to stay on in certain models. Saab 900s from about 1987 on will have dash lights come on any time the ignition switch is in the ON position, whether or not the headlight switch is turned to ON.

What make's the interior lights stay on in the dash after the car is turned off?

you didnt specify year, but its time delayed electronically. Assuming they do eventually turn off, all is well. It's 1995 Cadillac Concours the interior lights, and head lights go out when I cut the car off but the dashboard lights stay on.

Should the dashboard lights stay on in a ford focus zetec when engine is turned off?

I've just noticed mine does the same, where the time and mileage is shown it stays lit

Gauges lights stay on after car is turned off?

No When You Turn OFF The Car Everything Is Turned Off. The Batteries, Engine, And Everything Is OFF Note: some cars may temporarily illuminate dashboard glow or interior lights when entering or exiting the car, or when the doors are unlocked. They usually only stay lit for a period of 10-60 seconds.

My 1987 Saab gauge lights stay on?

That is correct. On 1987 and later 900s the dashboard lights come on whenever the ignition is switched to ON.

Brake lights stay turned on even when lights are off on 1996 Hyundai accent?

yes, they do

What causes turn signals to stay on when the lights are on 94 integra?

Your emergency lights are on.

Why do the hazard lights stay on in dashboard?

If you will notice the hazard lights are not actually flashing, reason being, the hazard flasher relay is defective. Replace it.

Why would the parking lights stay on after the car is put into park and the engine is turned off?

if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

Why did car lights originally stay on after the car was turned off?

Most newer models of cars now have a safety design that allows the headlights to stay on for a few minutes before shutting themselves off to allow the occupants to safely get to a door or gate. Also, on many newer model vehicles, if the lights are turned off before the ignition, the lights will stay off. If the lights are turned off after the ignition, the lights stay on to illuminate your way. If the light switch is off and the lights stay on longer than a few minutes, then something is wrong.

What causes reverse lights to stay on?

Both a stuck reverse switch and shorted wiring can be causes for reverse lights to stay on. Under normal circumstances, the reverse lights turn off as soon as the vehicle is shifted out of reverse.