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There is not much information here because different automobiles can the same symptom with a totally different cause. Giving it my best guest I would say that you have a leaking fuel pressure regulator the engine can handle the extra fuel when driving but run much too rich when idling.

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Q: What causes rough idle after your car has set at an idle for 10 to 15 minutes and then dies and will start back up in about 20 minutes?
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What causes back firing on Ford Explorer?

What causes back firing on a ford explorer and it to idle rough and want to cut out when you try to give it gas.

What causes Chevy blazer to not start after driving it and shut it off and then come back in a few minutes and it will not start but if it sits then it does?

I would suspect a faulty fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

My 92 Eclipse has a rough start and runs ruff and pulling back?

Check the 92 Eclipse for vacuum leaks. Check to see that all of the spark plugs are firing properly. Check to see that the fuel injectors are working. Either of these could cause the rough start and rough running.

What causes an 1998 cavalier 2.2 to back fire and run rough and have to depress gas pedal to start?

The issue sounds like engine timing may have jumped. Check the time, also check engine codes for a possible sensor malfunction.

What causes the trac off light to come on?

my trac off light comes on in my 2002 cavalier then the car cuts off, but will start back up minutes later then the check engine light will come on and they both stay on

Can a upstream O2 sensor cause misfiring and engine hesitation at low speeds?

what could cause a car to run for 20 minutes and dye and waiting about 5 minutes it will start back up and run for a couple of minutes and then have to wait and it will start back up and go for about 5 minutes and dye again. Chevy cavalier 2004

What causes your car to back fire when you try to start it and will not start?

Timing is way off or spark plug wires incorrectly connected.

Why does the temperature light come on when you start your beetle and stay on for a few minutes?

because the engine is cold. after it warms up the light goes off. Cute! But what causes the blue light to come back on even after you've been driving for a while?

What causes a 1998 Chrysler Sebring to start chugging at 10 mph and not start back up?

A dirty fuel filter or fuel pump failure.

Why won't a 1994 Oldsmobile silhoutte start until after the steering wheel has been tilted a couple of times?

I have the same car. Mine doesn't start sometimes. It does not start after I have driven for ten minutes or so and stopped and turned off the engine for about 25 minutes. It will start immediately after it is turned off or ten minutes later, but not 30 minutes later. I have to wait about an hour or longer for it to start again. If I turn off the engine, then run back to the car every ten or fifteen minutes to start it, it is fine. I also think it will start if I turn on the ignition for 30 seconds or so before I crank it.

How do you reset the 'Check Engine' light on a 2001 Ford Ranger?

Disconnect the battery cables for 15 minutes. Then put the key in the ignition and turn it as if to start the motor, and hold it in that position for 30 seconds. (This resets the computer, codes, engine, everything.) When powering it back up and running the engine, it may run slightly rough for the first few minutes as the motor resets and re-samples all systems.

What causes your car to shut off and start back up?

Normally I would say it was a bad fuel pump, or an associated fuel problem. Although, if you have no problem with a rough idle, or slow idle, then I would look for a loose Gound connection in the starter circut. Check ground connections, and especially the connections on your ignition switch.