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The car wants you to take it to a certified mechanic, for a change.

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Q: What causes gauges to go crazy when the car is on?
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Why would your gages in car go all over?

If you mean your gauges are going crazy, this is likely the result of a loose or bad ground wire. It could be the ground wire for your battery or any ground wire that is tied into the gauges.

What makes the gauges on 2004 Monte go crazy?

Your cluster is bad. Happened to mine.

What does it mean when your gauges and sensors go crazy when you use your brakes?

It is possible there is a short circuit on your brake light circuit which is pulling the voltage down causing the gauges to go haywire.

Why do your gauges go crazy in your 97 aurora?

Mine did the same thing and it was the alternator going bad.

When I try to start my van my gagues go crazy and it won't turn over?

You battery could be dead or low on power if the van will not start and the gauges are going crazy.

What causes gauges to go all the way up?

A bad alterator or voltage regultor

When you start your dodge caravan all the gauges go crazy and then work fine why?

this is common, i have had a few.. its normal for all the gauges to max out then return to normal but to go " crazy " ck battery ground. then if persists pull out control head and ck grds. there. still? send head to spedo. repair shop

What does it mean when voltage improper appears and all the gauges go crazy on a 91 Chrysler fifth ave?

check battery and alternator

What would cause your headlights to flicker your radio to go off and on and your dash gauges to go crazy?

Sometimes the ground strap to the body of the car can come loose. This will cause things to flicker. Ground from the battery needs to be connected to the engine block, the frame, and the body to keep things working properly.

Why a car won't turn on when the Dashboard Lights and Gauges go on and off quickly?

loose battery connection, or dead battery.

What causes the fuel data center on a 1997 Cadillac DeVille to go crazy?

Could be the drivers.

What causes gauges to peg out then go back normal?

It's been my experience that problem is usually related to a grounding issue and or bad/loose connections.