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The radiator cap could be the cause of coolant reservoir overflow or backup. Have the cap checked to see if it is bad.

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Q: What causes coolant reservoir overflow or backup?
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What causes coolant to backup and spill over in the reservoir?

I had this problem ....Head Gasket or radiator cap

Why does antifreeze backup into the overflow tank?

Heat from the engine causes liquid to expand. It used to overflow onto the ground if it caused enough pressure to open the radiator cap. The overflow tanks were installed to automatically catch and return the coolant to the cooling system.

What causes a coolant reservoir to overflow in a 2001 Chevy Malibu during operation?

It could be a couple of things. The coolant system could be over full. There could be a clog in the radiator. Or possibly the thermostat but not likely. also, the ford coolant tank is pressure sealed, if the cap to the tank has a defective seal, it WILL overflow when you stop your car, or whenever the pressure builds

What causes coolant to backup and spill over in the reservoir until its all gone?

the reason why the coolant is spilling up over the reservoir is because the thermostat needs to be replaced because when the engine needs water the thermostat heats up from the engine and causes the springs to expant which opens a seal to allow the water throughout the engine i just realpaced the thermostat in my volkswagen

What causes pressure to cooling system to force water into overflow reservoir?

Pressure in the cooling system can cause water to be forced into the overflow reservoir due to factors such as a faulty radiator cap, a blockage in the system, or overheating of the engine. When the pressure builds up beyond the capacity of the system, the excess coolant is released into the overflow reservoir to prevent damage to the system.

What causes the coolant to run out in the reservoir tank?

It sounds like the tank has a leak.

What causes excessive coolant in recovery reservoir?

Defective radiator caps or tubes

What would cause oil in the coolant reservoir in a 93 buick century?

There are a couple of things that can cause oil to get into your coolant reservoir. A blown head gasket or a broken piston ring are the most common causes.

What causes the coolant light to stay on on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

I'm having to guess it's the low coolant light? Possible coolant switch in the overflow bottle is dirty or defective., Is it low on coolant? Possible wiring issue to sensor.

Why does Overflow Reservoir on 1999 Ford Taurus keep overflowing gauge doesn't read hot changed the hoses flushed Radiator replaced Thermostat and reservoir?

It sounds like you have a blown head gasket. Combustion gases can enter the cooling system through either a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head. The gases (under pressure) force coolant out of the reservoir. This also causes a void in the upper part of the cooling system , leaving no coolant at the thermostat and the coolant temperature sending unit. The result is a erroneous temperature Reading and will even prevent the thermostat from opening.

What should be done when running the garbage disposal causes backup and overflow in the tub and bathroom sink?

Have a plumber snake out the drain. You have some sort of blockage.

What causes the presence of engine oil in the coolant tank or reservoir?

if there is oil in the coolant system it could be a crack in the intake, a ruined intake gasket, a cracked cylinder head