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Probably wheel balance.

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Q: What causes an Isuzu NPR HD 2007 front end to shake at high speed?
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What causes front end to shake at low speed?

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, defective tire, worn suspension or steering parts. Have the tires balanced, and all parts inspected.

Increasing the speed on a Isuzu npr?

increasing the speed on a new isuzu d max

What causes Honda Accord High Speed Shake?

Why does the steering wheel shake at high speed after front pads were changed and disk rotors were supposedly turned?


What causes a car to shake when gradually increasing speed?

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, defect in tire, or suspension parts worn.

Will bad struts make the front end shake at different speed or is it another problem?

One reason a cars front end may shake is bad struts. However, it can also be other things such as a bad tire or even if an alignment is needed.

What causes my front tires to shake when I'm driving at any speed especially when i slow down?

I would suspect a bent wheel, but it can also be a tire out of balance, loose lug nuts, bad wheel bearing, or worn steering or suspension parts.

Causes of low speed motorcycle front wheel wobble?

coz your car is a wenner

What causes the steering wheel to shake on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity car 2.8 engine?

if this happens at a certain speed it's probably the alignment of the tires.

What causes a strong vibration in a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo when in Four High and at speed of 25 mph or greater?

check the front u joint they May be in need of replacing....grab the front drive shaft next to the yoke and universal and try to see if it has play if so you need to replace You should have the wheels and tires balanced, check if wheel is not out of round.

What causes your 99 subaru outback to shake when you accelerate?

Thankfully mine does not shake, thanks for asking. This is really not enough information to diagnose the problem. Does it shake the same every time or does it not shake or shake less sometimes? Is the "check engine" light on? Is there a speed where the shake is more pronounced? Does it have to be full throttle acceleration or does it shake under light acceleration too? Is there a noise accompanying the shake? If you accelerate around a corner is the shake any different? Left or right turn make a difference?

What is the maximum speed of the Isuzu 350 pick-up 4cyl 72hp 1963?

The maximum speed of the 1963 Isuzu 350 pick-up 4cyl 72hp is 96 mph.