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Assuming the other seat adjustments work, and the switch tests okay, remove the seat, turn it over and inspect the forward/backward mechanism. You will probably find something broken.

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Q: What causes a power seat in your car not to move forward?
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How do you repair a 2007 Chevrolet Impala power seat?

only one side will move forward

Driver side seat in 98 Lincoln navigator wont move forward or backwards help?

driver seat and power mirrors is not working...what to check for??

How can you get the drivers power seat to move forward or backward to a desired position?

Take initiatives, take actions or call for taking an action.

You can't move your power seat forward or backwards in my 2004 Chevy trailblazer. It will go up and down.?

Cable disconnected? Wire disconnected? Something binding seat movement?

You can't move your power seat forward or backwards in my 2004 Chevy trailblazer It will go up and down?

Cable disconnected? Wire disconnected? Something binding seat movement?

Can the seat track be extended to accomadate short drivers?

It'd probably be easier to move the tracks forward completely. Or mount the seat with a forward offset.

92 deville drivers seat tilt forward works will not go back or forward I cannot fit in it what should I do I swapped the passenger door switch and it did the same thing?

Sounds like the motor or gears have a problem. You can try to find the wiring and power the motor up in reverse manually. I had a problem with a seat in a Volvo and it allowed me to maually turn the gears to move the seat back itno a position where it was comfortable for the customer to drive. I then disconected the power to the seat motors so they couldn't move it by accident. I had to get inside the seat to do this.

Where do you locate the bolts in the 06 Chevy Impala diver seat?

At the back of the seat, move the seat all the way forward to access them...

How do you remove the seats on a beetle?

You need to be seated behind the front seat, move the adjustment leaver to move the seat forward in upwards position, and slide forward. For the back seat lift the bottom seat out, and you'll find two bolts holding the back rest in place. Undo them and your sorted.

How do you move the drivers seat forward in a Renault Grand Scenic?

Press the Button...

How do you fix a power seat on a Chrysler Town and Country if the back of the seat won't move forward and the bottom tilts only if you turn the power knob just right?

I would look at the connector and see if it's loose or has a burnt wire. You should be able to take the side off of the seat and get to it.

Where is the tire jack on the Scion xD?

It's under your front seat. Move the seat forward and you can get to it from the back. Isn't that stupid?