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The problem is most likely electrical. Wires could be bare and burning their insulation off. You should probably get your vehicle checked by a mechanical. If the wired continue to burn, it could start a fire that could burn your entire vehicle.

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Q: What causes a melting plastic or wax smell from car?
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Why does your car smell like burning plastic?

Generally a burning plastic smell in a car indicates wiring getting hot enough to melt the insulation. This is something that should be looked at immediately to prevent a fire.

Why would your car defroster smell like burning rubber?

Defrost uses the a/c, if it doesn't smell the same with a/c only on. The smell is coming from the blower motor. Bmw's for example have a problem where the blower blade contacts the plastic housing and causes it to rub/melt.

Why do you smell hot plastic when you get out of your car after driving several miles?

because your car burns alot of petrol after driving several miles

What causes that new car smell?

The new car smell is caused by the combination of materials found in new automobiles. The adhesives and sealers used when a car is first manufactured release volatile organic compounds in the air afterward, leading to the smell.

Why does a car engine have a burning smell?

Because it's hot, it burns gasoline, and there are plastic-coated wires.

What causes a burning smell from the wheel well on a car?

If the car is a manual and you are riding or slipping the clutch it could be that. Otherwise if you have been real hard on the brakes lately they can create quite a smell aswell.

What causes a burning smell from car ac?

Several thing scan cause a burning smell from a car A/C. One cause can be that the compressor is burning up. Another possibility is a wiring shortage.

What is wrong with my car?

It could have a blown gasket which causes that smell. And there could be something loose in the interior of the air conditioner.

1996 Volkswagen GTI 2.0L Why does the exhaust smell like burning plastic?

look to see if exhaust is touching plastic somewhere. (get under car) engine probly isn't the cause.

Can detailing make a car smell?

Every Car Product has it's own smell. Overtime there is a possibility that the smell will remain on/in the car. But it will depend on the product and the strength of it's smell.

How do you remove kerosene smell from car carpet?

Kerosene smell car carpet

Does the new car smell scented car freshner really make my car smell new?

It makes your car smell somewhat new, but be careful as too much will make it smell like a cab, unless of course you want to go for the cab smell.