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A blown head gasket

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Q: What causes a car to run hot after a new water pump thermostat radiator and hose has been added?
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What causes water to boil in the radiator reservoir?

Can be the thermostat which is cheap to replace, or it might be the head gasket which is expensive.

Monte Carlo overheating causes?

Plugged radiator, Bad thermostat, water pump not working, radiator hoses collapsing and dont forget no oil

What causes a Chrysler PT Cruiser to get hot?

Low coolant, plugged radiator, inoperative radiator fan, failed water pump, head gasket, thermostat.

Where is thermostat on astra 1.7 td?

The thermostat is located on the front bottom of the engine. You can follow the radiator water hose from the radiator to the thermostat.

What causes boil over in a 1998 Chrysler Concorde?

Low coolant, inoperative radiator fans, stuck thermostat, failed water pump, restricted radiator, head/headgasket.

What causes your 2001 grand Cherokee to overheat have new radiator and thermostat?

Low coolant, inoperative water pump, head gasket failure, inoperative radiator fan, etc.

How do you install Thermostat?

Remove the top water line from the radiator to the water pump. The thermostat is found there.

What are different causes of car overheating?

Bad radiator fan motor; bad radiator fan relay; clogged radiator; thermostat stuck closed; loose belt; bad water pump; hoses leaking;

Where is the thermostat in a 1996 Dodge Intrepid?

/ Follow the top radiator hose down to the water outlet on the engine; the thermostat is in there. Follow the top radiator hose down to the water outlet on the engine; the thermostat is in there.

Why is the engine still overheating after you have replaced the water pump radiator and thermostat?

Have flushed complete cooling system replaced water pump radiator thermostat clutch fan added 2gal straight anti freeze then filled to capacity with water and truck is still over heating. What else could possibly be wrong

Why does a 1996 Chrysler Sebring overheat?

Causes include low coolant, inoperative radiator fan, plugged radiator, stuck thermostat, water pump malfunction, head gasket failure.

What causes a coolant leak in a 1996 Dodge Ram?

can be water pump, radiator, heater core, thermostat housing, hose, or freeze-out plugs