What causes a car to keep losing antifreeze?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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One of the most common causes is from a crack in the radiator. The radiator will usually leak antifreeze before the coolant hoses or hose connections begin leaking during the life of a car.

If you don't see evidence of a coolant leak on the exterior of the engine and cooling system or on the ground below the engine, the leak could be internal. This could be costly if allowed to continue. Have the system pressure tested and repaired asap.

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Q: What causes a car to keep losing antifreeze?
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Why is your car losing antifreeze but not leaking it?

Its a strong indication of a blown head gasket

Can low antifreeze in car keep it heater from working?


Do you keep your car running when adding antifreeze?

( NO ) with the engine cool

Can you put window washer fluid in your antifreeze tank?

Not if you want to keep driving the car!

Why does my car keep losing water and over heating?

if it is losing it thru the overflow pipe you need a new radiator cap

What type of car antifreeze is safest to the environment?

The type of car antifreeze that is safest to the environment is propylene glycol antifreeze. While it is still not totally safe, it is less toxic than other antifreeze.

Why does your car sound like it is drinking antifreeze and disappear when you put it in but it is not leaking on the ground?

If losing anti freeze but not visible leaking typically means bad head gasket. Antifreeze is leaking into combustion cylinder and therefore evaporating and going out exhaust pipe as steam.

Can you make a sentence with the word antifreeze?

My dad puts antifreeze on his car.

Will oil in antifreeze hurt car?

no but antifreeze in oil will eat the bearings

What is a short sentence for antifreeze?

We always renew the antifreeze in our car before winter.

What causes a car to stop while driving?

the brakeMoreAlso losing all transmission fluid will cause your car to stop while driving.So will crashing into something.

Why does your car keep steaming up?

Your heater core has a hole in it. Antifreeze is leaking out and evaporating onto the cold windshield and glass areas.