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Usually cars that have overheated will continue to run after you turn them off ---which is referred to as diseling (from disel engines). This is caused because the inside of the engine is so hot that the least amount of pressure causes the gas to fire and continue to run for a second or two.

Not sure, but the misfire you observed may be due to pre-mature ignition due to the high heat that resulted in the pistons firing in the wrong order.

You could have also overheated it to the point you blew a head gasket. Check for possible water in your oil or oil in your water. This is a pretty good way of knowing. Otherwise check the compression of each cylinder.

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Q: What causes a Car to misfire after overheating?
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What causes overheating of the engine?

the car will break or shut off automaticly

What causes a car to cut out?

When there are impurities in the fuel tank, a car can cut out. Water and overheating are also common causes of cut outs.

What causes car to shake when idle?

Cylinder misfire. Possibly failed or failing engine mounts.

If your temperature gauge on your 1998 Lincoln navigator is bad will it make your engine misfire?

No the gage has no effect on firing. An engine that is overheating will misfire.

What causes misfire in cylinder for 2000 Toyota Avalon?

What causes misfire 302, 304 and 306

What is the Cause of car overheating after the Water pump has been replaced and there are no leaks from coolant?

It could just be that the water pump is not properly working. Have you checked all the could-be causes for your car overheating if not then do so.

What causes a car to make white smoke from under the hood?

white smoke can be either your car overheating, or smoke from an electrical issue

What causes Coolant to suddenly come out the overflow after the car is shut off?

The car is overheating. Possibly the thermostat is stuck closed. Have it checked by a mechanic.

What causes one hot radiator hose and cool one and fans working in car and overheating?

a bad termastat

What causes a diesel car to emit alot of black smoke and engine misfire and run poorly?

one of the causes of all three symptoms is a bad fuel injector

Why is your 2000 century Buick overheating?

One of the major causes of a car overheating is a leak in the cooling system. Other causes are a clogged radiator, a bad thermostat, a broken or split hose, a worn out water pump, and a faulty cooling fan.

Does a catalytic converter go out all of the sudden or is it a process?

Long term failure is normal. A short term failure is usually caused by something else. Overheating do to a misfire is a common cause.Long term failure is normal. A short term failure is usually caused by something else. Overheating do to a misfire is a common cause.