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What causes hestitation in the gas peddle of a 1996 Lincoln Town car?

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Q: What cause hestation when mash on the gas peddle?
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What causes accelarations and decressaccelaration?

Stepping on the gas peddle and letting off the gas peddle.

What would cause the gas peddle to pulsate?

misadjusted or malfunctioning Idle Speed Control ( ISC ) motor

Which item is not a componet of the braking system?

The gas peddle!

How do you burnout with auto transmission cars?

slam the gas peddle

94 astro vanwill only start if the gas peddle is to the floorIt stalls as soon as you let off of it?

94 astro will only start if the gas peddle is to the floor and it sounds really rough ,it stalls as soon as you let off the gas

What would make 1998 Cadillac start as long as you keep your foot on gas peddle stays started then when you take your foot off the gas peddle it dies?

bad fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1991 Chevy Lumina APV?

The flasher is under the driver side . Take bottom plastic panel above gas peddle off. It will be on the right side above the gas peddle.

Have a 1987 f150 dual tanks When you push the gas peddle the truck bogs down like its starving for gas and or air What would cause this?

the fuel pump is getting weak or the motor timing or/ spark advance is off

Why is your A Class Mercedes revs high?

you are stepping on the gas peddle too hard

Why does my fast idle screw not bottom out when the engine is warm and I let up on gas peddle?

It is not supposed to.

Where is the obd connection for Volvo v40?

On my 2000 Volvo V40 it is located to the right of the gas peddle. I believe that it has a plastic cap over it although mine has been removed. Mine faces the engine compartment but I have seen a V40 (not sure of the year) that faces the gas peddle.

Where is the airbag module located in 2002 Honda civic?

the module is to the right of the gas peddle,bolted to the floor.