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getting to much gas ,choking, or to little gas, adjust idle screw either way.Good luck

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Q: What cause car to stall after it has warm up?
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Is it normal for your car to stall because it wasn't warmed up?

well you should let it warm up for a minute I know my dirt bike will stall if I don't let it warm up but cars not so much

What would cause a 1998 Dodge Avenger to stall only when the car is warm but when it cools down it starts right up?

it has something to do with the air flow more or less the vacume

Would crank sensor cause car to stall when it warms up?


Who is at fault in a parking lot backing into a stall and hitting a car that has pulled into the stall you were going to back into?

as a rule the car backing up is more responcible cause they should be being a lot more carefull and watchfull

If head gasket is blown water leaks into oil will it cause your car to stall out?

it will cause overheating and mess up your engine internal moving parts.

1968 car idle very high when started in park?

Your car will idle high until the engine begins to warm. You could set the idle to be a bit lower, but that may cause the engine to stall out when it's cold out. The engine should begin to lower the RPMs when it is warmed up.

What causes the 1999 Lincoln continental to stall then start right up?

A faulty fuel relay can cause a 1999 Lincoln continental to stall. If the relay is not properly reading the fuel it will turn the car off.

When car hesitates?

datsons stall when started up

What could cause and 1990 acclaim to stall at idle speed?

I had my "distributor pick-up" replaced. car would just die out, while i was driving.

Will a bad crankshaft sensor make car stall while driving?

A bad crank sensor will definitely cause the car to stall. Eventually the car will stop starting up again, or if it does, it will die down around ten minutes. A good thing to do if you're sure it's the crank sensor, replace it.

Why would the idle jump up and down and try to stall after warm up on 97 626?

incorrect operation of choke choke not shutting off after warm up

What would cause a car to stall after driving any distance then if I let the car sit for about 10 min it starts back up and I then can go another 20 miles .?

On an older car a faulty choke would cause this, or a faulty float and needle valve in the carbureator; in a newer car any number of malfunctioning sensors can cause this.