What cause car to smoke?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It depends on the type of "smoke".

1. Blue-Grey smoke is typically particles of unburned oil. If an engine is doing that you should see the engine using oil. Watch the dipstick and don't let the engine run out. Rarely the condition can be caused by a leaky vacuum modulator in the transmission, but that's only for older transmissions that actually have a vacuum modulator. Engines can burn oil when: 1) a valve stem seal fails, resulting in oil being sucked into the intake, 2) piston rings wear, allowing oil to leak past and build up in the combustion chamber, 3) Piston ring grooves build up with sludge and/or carbon, causing the rings to be trapped and not flex to do their job, 4) cracked or broken piston, 5) scored cylinder wall. When an engine burns oil it is almost always caused by poor maintenance.

2. Black smoke is the result of an engine that is getting too much fuel. Typically that is caused by a sticking injector, or in the case of a carburated engine, it can be a choke that is sticking or not adjusted properly.

3. White smoke is usually just steam. When gasoline burns it is changed to carbon dioxide and water vapor. You cannot see the carbon dioxide, but the water vapor cools as it passes through a cool exhaust system (cold winter mornings) and for the first few minutes the cooled water vapor will look like smoke from the vehicle exhaust.

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the dirt emitted through the gas being used up by the car for it to accelerate its speed and make it run.

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Q: What cause car to smoke?
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What could cause the car to leak water without smoke?

Air conditioning.

What can cause white smoke inside your car?

It could be steam from the heater core

Can a faulty turbo cause smoke from a smart car 2004 exhaust?

Yes, can leak oil causing blue smoke

What would cause white smoke to come out of the tailpipe after the car sat for months?

White smoke is a symptom of a blown head gasket.

What could cause smoke to derail from the hood of your car after a minor car collision?

could be steam from a leak caused by the accident in the coolant system or smoke from a transmission cooler leak they are both up in the front of the car.

What can car smoke cause does it affect health?

Carbon monoxide produced from the engine can cause health problems like death.

Does a warped head cause a car to smoke and smell like its running rich?

the way to check if your car has head damage is to take off the oil cap and check for water residue because if you have head damage it will mix oil and water and it will cause it to smoke usally a grey smoke or do a comprssion test

There is smoke coming into the car through the defrost after you turn off car and it smells like antifreeze?

The smoke is actually antifreeze mixed with air. The most common cause of this is a leaky heater core.

What cause white smoke and strong smell of gas to come out the muffler?

your car is burning oil.

What would cause the car to smoke after driving it up onto a curb?

If you nicked the oil pan it could cause it to smoke from engine area. Is the smoke coming from the exhaust or engine bay? If exhaust, then I highly doubt it was caused by the curb incident.

A story that link there is no smoke without fire?

There is a saying that where there is smoke, there is fire. This means that if there is evidence of something happening, then it is likely that there is a fire, or cause, for it. This saying can be applied to many situations in life. For example, if there is smoke coming from a building, it is likely that there is a fire inside. If there is smoke coming from a car, it is likely that the engine is on fire. In both of these cases, the smoke is evidence of a fire, or cause.