What cars have big gas tanks?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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most full sized cars have much larger tank, Ford Crown Vics Lincoln Town Cars, Chevy Caprice, Cadillacs, trucks and suv's also have larger tanks, and some minivans

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Q: What cars have big gas tanks?
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How many liters and millimeter does a car gas tank have?

Different cars have tanks with different capacities.

What cars have the biggest fuel tanks?

1963 Corvette Z06 "big Tank" 36.5 gallons

What is the name of a fuel that is stored in tanks and used in cars?

Diesel is a fuel that is used in cars and stored in tanks. Gasoline / Petrol is another fuel that is used in cars and stored in tanks.

How big is the gas tank 96 firebird?

It is a 15 gal. Gas tank on them cars I have one.

How many ml of petrol in a car?

The capacity of cars' gas tanks vary widely. The ml of petrol in a car depends on the capacity of the gas tank and how full the tank is.

Where is the exact location of the fuel pump on a 2001 Ford F 150 Super Crew?

The fuel pumps on all the newer cars and truck are located in the gas tanks. the tanks have to be dropped to change them.

How big is the gas tank on a two door 1998 Honda Celica?

Most of them had 14.5 gallon tanks

How big is the stock gas tank on a 1987 Heritage Softail?

I believe the stock tanks are 4.2 Gallons.

How many litres of fuel does the average gas tank hold?

Most US cars have 12 gallon tanks, which is equivalent to about 45.42 litres.

How big is the gas tank on a Saturn sl1 from 1992?

I believe the '92 S series had 12 gallon fuel tanks

What automobiles have good gas mileage?

Hybrid cars are not only good for the enviorment but have excellent gas mileage. Anything big like a truck, rv, van or anything like that will have horrible gas mialiage. Also smart cars are great on gas along with a lot of smaller older cars.

If i get 300km on a tank of gas how many tanks will it take to drive 3200km?

3200 ÷ 300 = 10.67 tanks of gas.