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saturn only

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Q: What car rims are interchangeable with 04 Saturn ion 15 4 lugg?
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What part of a car has interchangeable parts?

All of them are interchangeable but if you mean moved around on the car some bulbs tires rims lugs knobs some rotors some lines screws and bolts not much more

What is the purpose of car rims?

Car rims may add some value to your car, the basic function of the rims is to attach the tire to the car, lighter rims will improve the mileage your car gets

What rims look good on your car?

it depends on what kind of car and rims you have

What is a Lamborghini rims?

A 'lamborghini rims' as you call it, are probably the wheel rims on a car built by the Italian car company, Lamborghini.

What transmission is interchangeable with a 1988 LincolnTown Car?

what transmissions are interchangeable with a 1988 lincoln town car

What is car rims?

Rims are wheels. Your tire goes on them.

What do the car rims on a car do?

The rims on a car are very important because they are what keeps the rubber on the car actually circular. if you dont have them, the car will not be able to roll properly.

What are the best rims to put on a Buick?

Buick rims are a type of rims for wheels, and they are generally used on the car manufacturer Lasabre, and their different corresponding types of car.

What do rims do for your car?

Rims is another word for wheels, on which your tires are mounted.

Can 5 lug rims fit on a 4 lug car?

5 lug rims will not fit on a 4 lug car.

Is there a website that you can view rims on your car before buying?

There are many websites that make the viewing of car rims available. The websites can also make the purchase of the rims available online.

Is car stereo interchangeable from car to truck on ford?