What car is this 305 out of gm460777?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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vans vans

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Q: What car is this 305 out of gm460777?
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Will 305 truck heads work on a 305 car block?


Is a 305 to powerful for a first car?

If you are referring to a 305 V8, the answer is no, that wasn't not a very powerful engine and was normally installed in a larger car.

How do you Set valves 305?

I had a 305 with over 300,000 miles on it, but what I do to my cars I may never do to a customer's car. check out, that website looks likr the hot setup to me.

How much hoerse does a 1986 305 Chevy engine have?

Is it a high output (H.O) or just a regular 305 also was it originally in a car or truck. with this info you will be getting a better answer but just a plane Jane 305 is somewhere in the 265 hp area

How much does 400 Chevy engine weigh?

I believe it is about the same as a 305 / 350. 600 lbs. I recently swapped a 400 into a trans am with a 305 and the car weighed the same at the track.

You got a 305 out of a pick up to put in your car but can not get fire help?

try replacing the coil

Is 305 divisible by 305?

Yes, 305 is divisible by 305. =)

What engine is this 346249 T on intake Chevy?

305 or 350 Chevy car or truck 76-79

How do you replace the water pump on a 1984 Chevy Caprice 305?

One of the easiest but to do it right , get a manual on your car.

What might be knocking in 305 Chevy small block not at start up and not constant?

thats a nice car

Where is the fuel filter located on 89 camaro rs 305 v8?

On the front of the motor.

What is the horsepower of the RS Focus?

There is no car named the "RS Focus" thus, it does not have a horsepower. However, there is a car named the "Ford Focus RS". The car "Ford Focus RS has a horsepower of 305.