What car emblem has a crown on it?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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alfa romeo (on the head of the snake)

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Q: What car emblem has a crown on it?
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What round red car emblem has three lions and one crown?

It is the emblem of a Ford Torino.

What company has a double crown emblem?

Double Crown Resources.....symbol is DDCC.

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There is no knights crown. there is a knight ward, but you can't get it.

What is on the Dutch emblem?

On the emblem named "Je Maintiendrai" there is a lion with a crown on its head holding a sword and seven arrows.

What car has a Goat car emblem?

That would be Dodge, and the emblem is a Ram (goat).

What car has a blue shield emblem?

It could be an old Buick emblem.

What company has an oval as its car emblem on its car?


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What is Poland's emblem?

a white eagle wearing a golden crown, both wings extended

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What luxury car has a trident emblem?

A Maserati