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especially lamborghinis

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Q: What car dealerships are going out of business?
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How many car dealerships have gone out of business in Detroit Michigan?

Hundred of car dealerships have gone out of business. Its hard to keep a business running and poor management or lack of financing can lead to the failure of your business.

What agency regulates car dealerships?

All car dealerships are regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles. They make sure the dealerships are compliant with all of the many laws associated with the business.

What exactly are business directories?

They are usually for local business but they can be for a business category such as hotels or car dealerships. People can quickly get important contact information about a particular business.

Where can I find used car dealerships with good, cheap cars?

Since there are so many Used Car Dealerships, in order to find one that sells decent cars at decent prices you should check their credentials with the Better Business Bureau. You can see what type of business they are by the Bureaus's rating.

Do car dealerships sell commercial vans?

Some car dealerships have a space dedicated to selling commercial vans, however, not all car dealerships have this. You can talk to a local car dealership and ask a salesman because they usually have connections to commercial van dealerships in your area.

At what store could you purchase Rover Mini Cars?

The Rover Mini can be purchased from several different dealerships. These dealerships include used car dealerships such as Car Max or official Mini dealerships.

How many Mercury dealerships are in Manhattan?

There are approximately 6 Mercury car dealerships in Manhattan , KS. There are approximately 0 Mercury car dealerships in Manhattan , NY.

Are any car dealerships in Phoenix hiring?

"Currently, there are no car dealerships in Phoenix that are hiring. However, you can check with the dealerships in person and talk with the PR there for more details."

Chrysler going out of business list?

Due to the recession Chrysler car company is going out of business.

What car dealerships are trustworthy?

A good way to find car dealerships that are trustworthy is to ask people you know that have bought cars from dealerships. Another way is to read reviews about the dealerships online and see what compliments and complaints that people have.

What are good car dealerships to go into business with?

First of all you will need to get your car dealer's license before you can start trading. You should contact your local Fair Trading office or equivalent. After that, it is your business decision who you choose to go into partnership with.

How many car dealerships exist in Reading?

There are many dealerships in Reading but I counted in the yellow pages and there are 56 car, truck, or suv dealerships including new and used in the Reading area.