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Several, Lamborghini is the best known. They still make tractors (Italy).

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Q: What car company started out making tractors?
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What does Lamborghini make apart from cars?

The company originally started making tractors, then they switched to car engines. Today they make clothing and accessories in addition to cars, and if you google it then they also make a few diesel trucks also.

What peformance car company first built tractors?


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What is the oldest car brand in the world?

Peugeot, Europe's oldest car brand, is also the world's oldest car brand. Peugeot was founded in 1810. However, it started as a coffee company. It later started making cars in 1862.

Where do they sell tractors?

In auctions, like car auctions but for tractors.

Which is world no 1 car company?

Honda the no.1 car making company

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It all started with a company in the city of Nokia (located in Finland) that made rubber boots and car tyres. when the company wanted to expand, they started making other things as well, including mobile phones.

What is the second oldest car company?

Opel is the second oldest car company. they started in 1899

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What does the lamborghini logo look like?

The Lamborghini logo looks like a bull in a upside down triangle. Ferrico Lamborghini came up with this sign because it was his birth symbol. It is black and yellow because,he liked those colors he was born in 1916 and started out making tractors for his farm so he got insulted by Ferrari because he bought one of his cars so lamborghini started his own spors car company

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