What can you do to enshure long turbo life?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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keep your foot off the gas

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Q: What can you do to enshure long turbo life?
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DO you need a bigger engine if you install a hybrid turbo?

No as long as the hybrid turbo is the right size. You get the turbo that fits the motor.. not the other way around.

Can you swap a 1988 RX7 transmission with a 1990 RX7?

as long as they are both non-turbo or both turbo.

How do you make turbo duels real in real life?

You can't.

How long is 5GB on a turbo stick?

55 min

To put a turbo on do you need to change the engine harness and ecu Eng was rebuilt with turbo parts 92 eclipse?

Yes it will make your life much easier to have the turbo ecu and harness. The turbo injectors have a resistor pack that the non-turbo engines do not use. So that would have to be manually wired in to use stock turbo injectors and ecu.

Can you put a turbo on a 88 prelude 2.0 Si?

You can turbo just about anything mate as long as you have the yes but $$$$$$$$$$$

97 tsi fwd talon smoke coming out from exhaust and oil on the intake side of turbo you rebuilt the turbo and it worked for a bit then went bad put a used turbo on it and still smoke and oil burning?

you may have another bad turbo, or could even be bad rings with the oil leaking into your turbo, how long after you installed the turbo did it start happening again?

What is the length of a turbo 350 transmission dipstick?

It is 27 inches long.

Why does a 2005volkswagen jetta 1.8 turbo get such poor fuel mileage?

because of the turbo you see the turbo takes up more fuel and as you go for long periods of time you use the turbo more and there goes your fuel and remember that it is just an approximation not an exact fuel millage

Can you use the same drive shaft out of a turbo 350 long transmission and use it in a turbo 350 short transmission?

Probably not. It will likely be too short.

Will a turbo 350 or turbo 400 transmission bolt up to a 396 Chevy big block?

Yes, as long as the transmission has the Chevy bolt pattern.

The turbo fan runs for about 30 min after you drive it I live in AZ?

the vehicle probably has what is called a turbo timer. oil runs through a turbo lubricating and cooling the bearings when in operation. normally when you turn off the car the oil no longer pumps and the turbo is left remaining very hot. the turbo timer continues to pump oil through the turbo in order to prevent damage to the hot turbo allowing it to cool off extending its life