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Could use more details but, you may need a ball joint press to press it back in.

Most ball joints are assembled in the factory as replacement parts. If the ball has separated from the socket, then it has broken beyond repair, get a new assembly. The new one should come complete and is simply assembled, back onto the car, using the tapered peg and lock nut.

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Q: What can you do if you cant get the ball joint back in?
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How is the movement of a hinge joint like the movement of a ball and socket joint?

Hinge joint only moves back and forth and ball and socket can perform circumduction,all directions

List diarthrotic joints in human body?

glenohumeral joint and coxal joint are both ball-and-socket joints which are diarthrotic. intercarpal and intertarsal joints as well as the elbow joint and atlantoaxial joint are also diarthrotic

What is the function of the ball and socket joint in the wrist?

A ball and socket joint is a joint that can swivel in many directions. This is in comparison to a joint that can only go back and forth. The ball and socket joit allows your wrist to be able to bend in all different directions.

What type of synovial joint is the shoulder joint?

The joint in your shoulder is a Ball & Socket Joint.

How do you put a transformers leg back on if the ball joint has snapped?

then you can't put it back on.

Name a ball and socket joint?

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint.

Do you have to have a ball joint press to change the ball joints on a 95 thunderbird?

No you do not need a press. I recently did upper and lower ball joints on my 95 T Bird and it is all bolt on parts. you cant buy just the ball joint, you have to get the whole control arm with the sealed ball joints already in it.

What does a ball joint do?

The ball joint in a vehicle is used to pivot between the wheel and the suspension. There are usually and upper ball joint and a lower ball joint.

How do you replace the lower ball joint on a 1995 Eagle Talon?

it has to be pressed out and back in

What is the ball joint special tool?

There all kinds of tools for Ball Joints; OTC Remover, Ball Joint OTC Ball Joint Separator KD Tools Ball Joint Separator OTC Ball Joint Service Set KD Tools Universal Ball Joint Separator OTC Wrench, Ball Joint Spanner KD Tools Ball Joint/U-Joint/Brake Anchor Pin Press OTC Master Ball Joint Adapter Set KD Tools Ball Joint/U-Joint/Brake Anchor Pin Press Set KD Tools Ford Ball Joint Cam Tool

What kind of joint is the acetabulofemoral?

The acetabulofemoral joint is a ball-and-socket joint.

What kind of joint is the shoulder?

A ball and socket joint.