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A lien against who... you or them? If the lien is against them, you're not in a good situation, even if you've paid the car in full. If they fail to make the remaining payments, and the vehicle goes up for repossession, then it's getting repossessed, and you'll have a lengthy and difficult legal battle ahead of you.


It is a little complicated. Basically, you need a clear title for your money. The seller needs to provide a title with a paid lien. This may involve your insisting on meeting the seller at his lender to pay off the lien and getting a receipt so you can put it into your name. That is because the seller may be upside down on what is owed and so will need to bring additional money to the table.

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Q: What can you do if someone sells you a car with a lien?
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What is the name of a person who sells cars?

A person who sells cars is called a Car Dealer. There are many names for someone who sells cars. The Title "Car Salesman" is one of the more polite ones that come to

How do you fill out lien release form for a car?

You don't. The only one who can fill out a lien relese is the lien holder. As the owner of the car you are not the lien holder. Take the title to whomever holds the lien and they will release it.

What happens if i buy a car with a lien title from the owner?

A lien title means that the car has a loan against it. If you do not have a "clear" or non lien title, the lender who hold the clear title can and does have the right to get the balance of the loan from you. The purpose of the lien title is to enable the car buyer to get the legal requirement for driving the car from the state. It's like renting the car in essence; the lien title is almost like the lease agreement for an apartment.So if a lien title is all there is...don't buy the car. It's not his to sell.Somebody has to settle the lien before you can legally own or register the vehicle.

Can your car be repossessed if there is not a lien on your car you were not behind on your payments?

If you have no lien on your vehicle then no one has a legal right to repossess it. If you're not behind on the payments there would be no reason for the lender to reprocess the car in the first place. It is hard to believe you have a loan on a car without a lien. The car stands behind the loan. If there's no lien on the vehicle then the car is not involved in the loan and cannot be repossessed.

Can you junk a car without the key or a tittle loan?

You cannot sell a car for salvage unless you have the title with you listed as the owner with no lean on the car. If there is a lien on the car you cannot sell it without having the lien removed.

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What if someone sells a vehicle with a lien on it can the buyer have it taken away?

If he pays off the lien yes. If not, then that vehicle is pretty much owned by the lien holder too! it doesnt make sense selling car

How much money do you get for a car lien?

Answer lien on car?i let someone borrow 1100.00. he doesn't own a home. and he has a cr with a loan on it. can i put a lien on the car??

What is the meaning of lien balance?

A lien balance means there is money owing. If a bank repossesses a car and sells it for less than what is owed, you would have a lien balance.

Can you file a lien on own car to prevent another from filing a lien on your car?

You cannot file a lien on your own car to prevent another from filing a lien on your car. If you owe someone money they may be able to put a lien on your car so that they are paid in full.

What if someone has sold you a car with a lien?

I think you may have meant "lien" instead of "lean". A lien is a monetary (money) debt placed against a possession by a creditor who has not been paid by other means. If an owner sells his cat on which a lien has previously been placed, the lien belongs to the person (i.e. the other person who owned the possession before); a lien does not "follow" the car or other possession, it follows the person who owes the debt. If a seller sold you a car with a lien against it, you need to contact an attorney to get the lien removed from your-now-owned car. You or your attorney needs to notify the creditor/lien holder that you bought the car without knowledge of the lien. The creditor would then need to identify a different possession owned by the other person in order to attach the lien to that possession, and not to your car.

does my car have a lien?

does my car have a lien?

What is an auto lienholder?

A lien holder is someone who has a financial interest in a car. It could be the bank you financed it from, or someone else who the car owner owes money to. The car owner's name is on the title with the lien holder's name so that you can't sell the car without the lien holder signing the title...this means that you don't owe the lien holder any money on the car. The car is now 100% owned by the title owner.

Can the judge in a divorce give the car to someone free and clear even though their is a lien against it?

It will be interesting to see if the judge can give the car to someone free and clear even tho there is a lien. The judge probably can not give the car away and ignore the lien. Still, it could depend on the identity of the lien holder. Other than that slim possibility, the lien may still be a factor.

If someone has a car title that belongs to a person that someone paid for from a title loan place and the person didn't put his name on the lien spot so does the car still belong to him or you or who?

The car belongs to the person listed as the owner on the title. Listing someone as the lien holder does not make them the owner.You can't transfer a motor vehicle when you know there's a lien on it. The lien would be reflected on the title and a prudent buyer wouldn't take title that is encumbered by a lien.


is there a lien on this car

If you purchase a car for someone then they refuse to enter a lien release agreement what are your options if they fail to pay?

best time to think of this is BEFORE the car is purchased and before they drive away. Get a lien on the car somehow. get a key made to it after you get the lien on it. Email me if its not to late and they have the car already.

Can you sell your car if there is a tax lien on it?

In order to sell your car, you must pay off the lien to the IRS first, or find a buyer who is willing to pay off the lien. Only when the IRS has accepted payment can you or someone else receive Title to the car.

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