What can scotch guard be used for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Purpose of Scotch guard is to protect fabrics like furniture, clothing and the seats in your car. It can applied to almost any type of clothing, rugs and cart seats. Scotch Guard repels liquids and blocks stains.

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Q: What can scotch guard be used for?
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Is it important to Scotch-Guard my living room furniture?

It may be important to Scotch-Guard your living room furniture if you have children or pets. But, you should refer to your cleaning instructions on how to best go about Scotch-Guarding your furniture.

Does any carpeting come with scotch guard?

You'll typically have to buy scotch guard seperately, although some big box stores will sell both as a package.

Is scotch guard illegal in the US?

No, it's manufactured here.

What products would scotch guard a pottery barn rug?

OXY Carpet Cleaner And Stain can scotch guard a pottery barn rug. This product can be found at any store such as Walmart, Target, and other stores. Similar products can also be used and are also easy to find.

Is a Scotch Guard finish water repellent or stain resistant?

Stain guard...we just bought furniture that has Scotch Gard already on it :) Actually, it is both a water repellent, AND a stain inhibitor. For years we have used ScotchGard on winter clothing, and hunting clothing, including boots, as a water repellent. It works great.j3h.

How do you stop your tan leather bag from staining your white jeans?

Scotch Guard

What Chemical was used for furniture fabric protect in the 1980's?

Scotch Guard. It repealed stains very well too. Don't know what chemicals were in it tho.

Who makes a stain resistant coch?

Jennifer convertibles offers scotch guard protection on there sofas.

What was scotch tape used for?

Banks first used Scotch tape to mend torn currency during the Depression.

How can I waterproof my son?

You can't actually make him waterproof, but try scotch guard on his clothes. That might help.

What can I use to prevent stains from setting into my kids' clothes?

They have stain protectant sprays such as scotch guard you can use on them.

Can I get something to protect my interior upholstery from my kids messiness?

Yeh, you can get scotch guard spray to coat the seats.