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A Joke

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Q: What can cracked and made and told and played?
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It can be cracked it can be made it can be told it can be played what is it?

a joke a joke can be cracked a joke can be made a joke can be told a joke can be played

You can be cracked you can be made you can be told and you can be played what are you?

A bell A bell can be cracked (like the liberty bell) A bell can be made (in a bell foundry) A bell can be told (rung) A bell can be played (as part of an orchestra) A joke!

What can be told played cracked or made?

This is a joke. You can tell a joke, you can play a joke (prank), crack a joke, or make a joke.

What can be told and can be played can be cracked and can be made?

What kind of coat is best put on wet

Is your voice Breaking?

My Voice Cracked when i talked for about 2 hours then it got normal, and cracked again, i dont have the cold and yesterday i talked and made an uncontrollable squeak, my friends told me that its been squeaking for about 2 months, is it breaking?

What are Cracked wheat breads made from?

Cracked wheat breads are made from white flour and crushed wheat meal

What is made when an alkane is cracked?

When an alkane is cracked, alkenes and shorter alkanes are produced.

What movie and television projects has Toby Bisson been in?

Toby Bisson has: Played Mikka in "Mikka" in 2012. Played Young Charlie in "Saving Hope" in 2012. Played Boy in "Cracked" in 2013. Played Jacob Beckmeyer in "Cracked" in 2013. Played Jacob Beckmire in "Cracked" in 2013.

What is cracked wheat?

a dish made from boiled or cracked wheat and mixed with milk, eggs or stock

What did the ancient Celts do for Entertainment?

They played games, played sports, farmed, made art and told stories to each other.

What is the difference between cracked pepper and ground pepper?

Cracked pepper is made from peppercorns which have been broken apart or "cracked," but are still relatively large. Ground pepper is made from breaking down or "grinding" peppercorns further, such that the particles are made finer.

Is a played rom still playable after you patched it?

no! because it will get cracked.

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