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Could be several reasons for that noise, have a mechanic check it out soon for safety sake.

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Q: What bushing do you need to change whenever im in rough road you hear metal to metal sound in front of your car but when im on smooth road its gone?
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How do you change the front seal on an automatic transmission in a 1996 dodge Dakota?

you have to remove trans.after trans is removed remove tork.conv.check bushing in front pump you will find that it is bad

Why does a 4L60E rear seal keep going out?

The front driveshaft yoke slides up into the seal and also into a bushing. If the bushing is worn, it will eat up a new seal quickly and start leaking. Check for side to side play or lost motion between the yoke and bushing. If there is any, replace the bushing and rear seal. Also look for a good clean smooth surface on the yoke slider. Also check for a bad U-joint that will cause driveshaft vibration and lead to bushing wear.

What happens when the front bushings are gone?

When the front bushings are gone, you may experience excessive movement and vibration in the front suspension, leading to poor handling and steering response. This can result in noises, such as clunking or rattling, as the front suspension components move around more than they should. Ignoring this issue can lead to further damage to other suspension components and compromise the safety and drivability of the vehicle.

Need pics on the front sway bar bushings installment?

Most new sway bar bushings are split so they can be R & R easily. Remove clamp from bushing, slip or cut old bushing out, slip new bushing in and replace bushing clamp.

Creaking in the front right side of a 2000 Windstar?

Probably a control arm bushing, possibly a strut mount or stabilizer bar bushing. Mine was the control arm bushing, 2001 Windstar Sport pkg.

Do you need to press front control arm bushing on 98 neon?


Where to put the jack on a Chrysler PT Cruiser to change the front tire?

I put it right below the lower control arm bushing. There's a cross beam there too where you can put the jack stands

2003 Pontiac Montana control arm bushing checking?

Check front end for play.

Can a control arm bushing being bad cause shaking in the front end of a car?


What is the front sway bar bushing for a 2006 jeep commander?

Its a 100.00 part that we dealers charge you 500.00 to fix....

Why is your truck making a rattling sound everytime you hit a bump?

possibly your front upper control arm bushing are out.

What makes a knock or clunk noise when braking in crv front right?

Worn out bushing or steering joint probably.